Mr. Saaraj Gupta

Mr. Saaraj Gupta (Auditor & SME-Biotechnology )

Auditor & SME-Biotechnology

Academically qualified in Biotechnology, Biochemistry and Microbiology. Total working experience more than 10 years. Working experience in  one of leading pharmaceutical company

Expertise: Biochemical – Protein A chromatography, Ion exchange chromatography, Tangential Flow filtration, Nanofiltration, Sterile filtration, Depth filtration, host cell DNA/ protein separation

Industrial fermentation – Protein/ enzyme expression in microbial and mammalian cell
Molecular Biology – Genomic DNA isolation, plasmid DNA isolation, RNA isolation, agarose and poly- acrylamide gel electrophoresis, PCR, Semi-quantitative RT-PCR, gene cloning, Southern, northern and western hybridization, in silico DNA sequence analysis, degenerate primer designing, protein isolation Microbial Technology – Optimization of culture media of bacteria and yeast, bacterial transformation,

pure culture techniques, light microscopy
Immunological techniques – ELISA, DID, SRID, Mice handling, blood collection