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Knors Pharma is a group of one of the highly qualified pharma GMP auditors in India, engaged in performing third party GMP audits of manufacturing of pharmaceutical medicines, raw materials, intermediates, and active pharmaceutical ingredients across the globe. Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) is the primary key to securing customers trust, maintaining their brand reputation, and helping to grow customer’s business. The pharmaceutical GMP auditing from Knors Pharma will show you that you are meeting client and buyer assumptions and attempting to guarantee the quality and wellbeing of your products. GMP is a term that is perceived worldwide for the control and the executives of manufacturing and quality control of foods, pharmaceutical products, and medical Devices.
At Knors Pharma, we’re involved in providing wide array of GMP compliant analytical techniques for the quality control of pharma products. Our team of pharmaceutical experts can help Biotech, Healthcare, Life Sciences, & Pharma Manufacturing Companies across the entire pharmaceutical supply chain to manage and improve the quality of their products in a globally consistent, reliable and efficient manner.US 21 CFR 210-211 (cGMP), EU GMP part I and EU GDP for Medicinal products

  1. ISO 13485, US 21CFR 820, EU GMP Part 1 with Annex 10 for Sterile Medical Devices and Medical implantable devices
  2. EU GMP part II for API (ICH Q7) , EU GDP for API, US 21 CFR 210-211 (cGMP) for Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients, Pharmaceutical Intermediates, Pharmaceutical Raw Materials
  3. ISO 22716 for Cosmetic Ingredients
  4. ISO 15378, PS 9000 For Primary packaging for medicinal products
  5. ExciPAct, EU IPEC GMP, EU IPEC GDP for Pharmaceutical Excipients

Knors Pharma Solution auditors have cumulative auditing experience of more than 300 audits. Audit reports of our auditors are accepted across the globe and reviewed during regulatory inspections.